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New Site Launched!

We launched our web site early this year. Here you can learn about the company, our services and even order Dexpan. Feel free to give us some feedback.

The Oakland Temple Project

Neil's and his crew are looking forward to visiting Oakland, California soon. There he will be cutting some concrete for a handicap lift at the Oakland Temple.

Dexpan's Growing Popularity

Dexpan, a non-explosive demolition agent, has become a more commonly used solution at the job site. After 20 years of service we see it becoming a flagship product.
Learn More About Dexpan

Industry Experts in Concrete Cutting

Neil's Concrete Cutting is a family owned business celebrating its 21st birthday this year. With a history rooted in expert service, Neil's Concrete Cutting is leading the industry with cutting edge technology and excellent service. Our clients well tell you; we take pride in our jobs. The attention to detail and care for the client's property illustrates that.

What is Dexpan?

Demolition without the demolishing. Dexpan is a non-explosive demolition agent used in areas where the surrounding environment is delicate. NCC can use Dexpan on a job for you or you can purchase it for your own projects. Read More

Key Features

  • Easy to use; Just Mix With Water
  • 18,000 lb/inch3 pressure
  • Cracks Solid Material Safely and Easily
  • Safer, Quieter and Less Disruptive Then Explosives
  • Does Not Require Special Permits or Training
  • Environmentally Safe